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      上海艾必希閥門有限公司                                                                                                                                                           電話:021-51619765    24/h:15821854137






            Shanghai ABC Valve Co., Ltd.(ABC Valve Company )., ABC valve company is a professional manufacturer of valves and actuators. Its leading products: supply and drainage valves, HVAC valves, industrial automatic control valves, (electric and pneumatic actuators) intelligent instruments, etc. The company introduces technology and manufacturing process, so that its performance and appearance meet industry standards, is a high-quality engineering optional brand!

      ABC high performance butterfly valve, all welded ball valve series products occupy a large proportion in the international market share! In order to reduce the purchase cost and shorten the delivery time for customers to provide better products and services! ABC company has set up its headquarters in Shanghai, with 2 authorized manufacturing companies, 4 processing centers and more than (agent) offices in China.

      The products are widely used in the following industries: electric power, petrochemical industry, mine metallurgy, pharmaceutical light industry, urban pipe network, water supply and drainage system, building HVAC and environmental protection engineering, etc. The company has a large amount of production and assembly in China, and a large amount of storage. It can provide some end customers with urgently needed goods. Sincerely welcome customers from all walks of life to our company to discuss cooperation!

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